Sheet Music/YouTube Roundup – Update

Well the holidays have finally passed, and with it the holiday break that I got from my university. In just a few days I will be heading back to school, which means I will not have my saxophone with me for a few months. Consequently, I will not be able to upload any new YouTube covers (most likely) until summer, when I am back home with my saxophone and my studio setup again. This does NOT mean that I will not be uploading new sheet music, but my transcriptions are likely to slow down as well (though be sure to stay posted with the blog just in case!).

Knowing that this would happen, I tried to pump out as many covers as I could over break, so I decided to bring them all together in one post as a review of the past month or so! So, below you will see all of the YouTube covers I worked on and uploaded. As always, the sheet music for each of these is provided on the sheet music page.

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