I Want to Get to Know YOU!!

I’d love to be able to get in touch with more of you!


Hello followers! (That sounds a little ominous out of context, doesn’t it…)

Taking an indirect cue from Charles and his approach to social media, I’ve decided to try to do a better job of integrating all my accounts. As of right now, I’ve had the fortune of reserving my normal handle, “Japesland”, for nearly every social media site or other online account I own. With that said, it is usually quite easy to find me either through a quick Google search, or by checking the available links on one of my accounts (such as this blog’s About page).

jj That is a caricature based on a real photo of me wearing bunny ears… Courtesy of the amazing artist, “weee”, found here: http://weee3.tumblr.com

In an attempt to make my interactions a bit more personal, whether it’s with people who know me in person, people who follow me because of my writing on…

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6 thoughts on “I Want to Get to Know YOU!!

  1. Hey Japesland! I enjoy your work and I was wondering if you would consider my suggestions. Do you think you can do the Opening for Golden Time. I was also wondering if you can do the Opening for Isshuukan Friends. I absolutely love those two openings and would love for you to make a video on both of them! Thank you! 😀

    • Those are both great recommendations, and I was actually already considering doing both of those! Right now I have a large stack of other things I’ve been working on and trying to get through while I have the time, so I can’t guarantee when or if I’ll get to them, but I really hope to!

  2. Can I ask, normally when there is two notes, will u play the low one or the high one?

    And also can u try diamond no ace’s both opening?

    • Rule of thumb in a band setting is usually to play the top note if you are first part, but in this case the important note is not necessarily always one or the other. When I transcribe I sometimes put harmonies above and sometimes below, so the only thing I can say is that if you are playing a piece with multiple notes by yourself, try to figure out which note is the melody and play that one.

  3. Japesland-sama could you please make sheet music for “Innocence” from Nightcore for Alto Sax. It’s the 2nd of of the 3 openings of Sword Art Online (SAO). Please and thanks for all the sheet music you have been posting it is really fun to play.

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