Good News! …and Some Bad News, Too…

Hey guys! So I have some new and exciting news for you! Japesland Sheets’ saxophone transcriptions are now available on the anime sheet music super-site, Ichigo’s Sheet Music! Ichigo’s is a wonderful resource for people desiring sheet music from anime and video games on a range of instruments, and because of its size and its array of volunteer transcribers, they’re constantly adding more to the their library. Check it out!

Unfortunately, this exciting news comes with some sadder information attached. In fact, the very reason I reached out to Ichigo’s in order to have my collection hosted is because Japesland Sheets will soon be discontinued. Due to massive life changes, I no longer have the time nor the setup to continue transcribing music like I have in the past. So here in the next few weeks, expect to see the sheet music hosting pages on this site to disappear, with a prompt for people to begin looking at Ichigo’s for saxophone transcriptions.

Don’t worry, my YouTube channel isn’t going anywhere! While I can’t guarantee my next update, and my uploads may be pretty sporadic from now on, I’ve grown to love and feel attached to the community that has followed me on YouTube. Also, the staff at Ichigo’s were nice enough to include links to my YouTube videos on the sheets I donated!

So thanks to everyone who has supported Japesland Sheets over the years. I hope you’ll be able to continue to enjoy playing with the music over at Ichigo’s!



6 thoughts on “Good News! …and Some Bad News, Too…

  1. Hi, it is ok if you stop make these, but please don’t stop loving the saxophone and remember to practice. Such a talent mustn’t be wasted. Don’t lose your knowledge. Hope you will be success is whatever you love!

    • Wow, thank you so much for this comment!

      I hope to continue doing covers for my Youtube channel in some capacity, but it’s just been so hard to find time among work and life. Your comment was a huge encouragement, though!!

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